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PacAve Health And Wellness Clinic
9027 Pacific Avenue, Suite 3, Tacoma WA 98444
253-531-3601| info@pacavehealth.com

Today it is commonplace for doctors to prescribe patients with strong ADDICTIVE OPIATES AND BARBITUATES to relieve pain, lose weight and feel good.

Whether its cannabis authorization or alternative therapies for pain, weight, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement, Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, Vitamin Supplements or B12 Shots, we can determine what works best for your particular needs.

PacAve Health & Wellness provides a healthier means of achieving your goals for these problem areas:

| Pain Relief
| Weight Management
| Boost Energy
| Hormone Replacement
| Optimize Health of Mind and Body

Our therapies include…

Holistic Primary Care:
Our resident physician is a licensed primary care physician trained in the conventional medical sciences. He can diagnosis and treat disease, perform physical exams, order and interpret appropriate labs and imaging, and prescribe natural medicines. In addition, he welcomes the opportunity to offer you a second opinion on any preexisting diagnoses you may have, on your current state of health and your prognosis.

Nutritional and Dietary Counseling:
What we eat plays a major role in our health. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is one big reason people develop diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. We’ll help you sort through all the conflicting information and co-create a sustainable and easy to follow eating plan that will quickly help you feel healthier and more vibrant than ever.

Lifestyle Counseling:
What we do, when we do it and how we do it has a profound impact on our overall health and is a key to leading a long healthy life or a life riddled with disease and pain. Through empowering lifestyle choices you’ll learn to re-balance your life, reverse disease and regain optimal health.

Classical Homeopathy:
Is a system of medicine based on the concept of like cures like. The treatments bring about healing by actually strengthening your body’s inherent defense mechanisms. It’s a gentle yet powerful way to heal virtually any condition.

Western Herbology:
Plant medicine is the precursor and basis to modern day pharmacology. Numerous plants have medicinal and healing qualities that can be quite potent, and usually free of adverse side effects common to man made drugs. Herbs are prescribed in either capsule form, liquid tinctures or as teas.

Environmental Medicine:
As modern day humans we live in soup of chemical and electromagnetic toxicity which plays a major role in the epidemic of chronic disease. Through applying easily applicable techniques we can navigate our way through our toxic world and live a life free of toxicity-induced disease.

Fasting and detoxification:
Detoxification encompasses therapies and techniques to reduce and eliminate the toxic burden in our bodies. Fasting refers to substantially reducing food intake for specified amounts of time for the purpose of regenerating our bodies.

Spinal Alignment:
PacAve offers spinal and structural bodywork when appropriate to reduce pain and facilitate healing. Some of these include manipulation of joints and neuromuscular techniques designed to resolve common ailments that cause back, neck and other forms of physical pain.

Low cost Diabetes, Hypertension ( elevated BP) and Hyperlipidemia (elevated lipids) management.
Guidence and maintenance in weight loss, nutrition and stress management.

Please call or email us for an appointment!

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